I am a cowgirl with a passion for Colt Starting! Training young horses is a talent I acquired through my frustration with correcting the undesirable behaviors in the finished horses I was buying. After learning to ride over the last 5 years, I became obsessed with raising young horses, who had never been touched; teaching them the foundation of western horsemanship, and fostering them into quality performance prospects. My style is tailored to encourage colts to demonstrate unity, confidence, and a desire to please by employing a method focused on trust, confidence, and communication.

I am excited to share my knowledge with you, to offer free advice, and give demonstrations that may help to get you started training your own young horses! You can follow me as I embark on my journey with my own two personal performance prospects, Chobit and Freya, as we prepare to enter the world of Reining. Check out the links to my Youtube and Instagram for more, and thank you for visiting!!!